(In 1972 only the top 10 individuals in every race qualified. There was no team scoring. From 1973-1977 two teams and five individuals qualified. From 1978-1990, three teams and 10 individuals qualified. In 1991 and 1992, three boys teams and 12 individuals qualified and four girls teams and 12 individuals qualified. From 1993 to 1996, three teams qualified in each group and the next 10 individuals not on a qualifying team. From 1997-1999, three teams qualified from each group and a 19th wild card team qualified on the basis of combined team times. The top 10 individuals in each group qualify and 10 wild cards qualified from the six group races who did not otherwise qualify. Starting in 2000, a second wild card team (20th overall) was also selected on the basis of combined team times. A third wild card was added in 2016. Starting in 2018, only the first two teams from each group advanced to the Meet of Champions along with eight wild cards selected from a merge of the six group races.)


1972                none

1973                PARK RIDGE                                                          1ST

1974                none

1975                Paul Marzan, Park Ridge                                            3rd

1976                none

1977                none

1978                BOGOTA                                                                  3RD

                        Ian Leavesley, Mahwah                                              3rd

1979                LEONIA                                                                    3RD

                        IAN LEAVESLEY, MAHWAH                               1ST

                        Ed Burns, Bogota                                                       4th

1980                Don Neubert, Ridgefield                                            7th

1981                none

1982                none

1983                none

1984                none

1985                Russ Montevechi, Mahwah                                        2nd

                        Kevin McOwen, Mahwah                                          3rd

1986                Chris Moore, Emerson                                                4th

                        Rich Wisse, Saddle Brook                                          7th

                        Robb Lages, Palisades Park                                        10th

1987                Rich Wisse, Saddle Brook                                          5th

1988                none

1989                none

1990                Kyle Alessi, Waldwick                                               7th

1991                Kevin Ryan, Bogota                                                   12th

1992                Danny Schuman, Saddle Brook                                  7th

                        Brian Shuff, New Milford                                          9th

                        Diasuke Kusaka, Cresskill                                          10th

                        Justin Torrento, Waldwick                                         11th

1993                none

1994                Jamie Cortes, Palisades Park                                      6th

                        Peter Startz, Waldwick                                               7th

                        David Ledgerwood, Park Ridge                                 12th

1995                PALISADES PARK                                                 1ST

                        Jamie Cortes, Palisades Park                                      2nd

                        Jeff Clark, Bogota                                                      3rd

                        Peter Startz, Waldwick                                               4th

                        Diego Gioffre, Palisades Park                                    5th

                        Bobby Goers, Palisades Park                                      8th

                        Hugo Juarez, Palisades Park                                       9th

                        Hozaifa Cassubhai, Emerson                                      14th

1996                PALISADES PARK                                                 1ST

                        JEFF CLARK, BOGOTA                                          1ST

                        Diego Gioffre, Palisades Park                                    3rd

                        Hugo Juarez, Palisades Park                                       12th

                        Bobby Goers, Palisades Park                                      14th

                        Mike Sebastien, Palisades Park                                  17th

1997                Jeff Clark, Bogota                                                      3rd

                        Peter Leighton, Bogota                                               7th

1998                PALISADES PARK                                                 3RD

                        Peter Leighton, Bogota                                               3rd

                        Danny Chaves, Secaucus                                            5th

                        Josh VanderWiele, Midland Park                               7th

1999                PALISADES PARK                                                 2ND

                        Danny Chaves, Secaucus                                            1st

                        Adrian Castano, Palisades Park                                  4th

                        Peter Leighton, Bogota                                               5th

2000                PALISADES PARK                                                 1ST

                        Nick Harris, Palisades Park                                        4th

                        Steve Begley, Cresskill                                               6th

                        John Duala, Glen Rock                                               9th

2001                Sean Emmerling, Palisades Park                                5th

                        Steve Begley, Cresskill                                               9th

2002                Rafael Abreu, Leonia                                                  3rd

Jeff Mauro, Glen Rock                                               10th

2003                Ryan McCann, Glen Rock                                          3rd

                        Matt Magnifico, Becton                                             6th

                        Chris Guerriero, Saddle Brook                                   7th

2004                CHRIS GUERRIERO, SADDLE BROOK               1ST

                        Scott Walker, Midland Park                                       9th

                        Rob Kein, Becton                                                       10th

2005                RYAN VAN ALSTINE, MIDLAND PARK            1ST

                        Scott Walker, Midland Park                                       4th

                        Dane Bender, Pompton Lakes                                                6th

                        Paul Kuehnle, Saddle Brook                                      7th

                        KINNELON                                                              2nd

2006                MICHAEL SOROKO, KINNELON                         1ST

                        Paul Kuehnle, Saddle Brook                                      4th

                        Matt Conrad, Kinnelon                                               6th

                        Adam Wright, Pompton Lakes                                   7th

                        Tom Eickelberg, Leonia                                             9th

                        KINNELON                                                              2nd

2007                Paul Kuehnle, Saddle Brook                                      7th

2008                Pat Rochford, Bogota                                                 3rd

                        Victor Lopez, Leonia                                                  5th

                        Patrick Rono, Lyndhurst                                            6th

                        Louie Schiedeler, Westwood                                     8th

2009                Patrick Rono, Lyndhurst                                            2nd

                        Patrick Ryan, Leonia                                                  8th

2010                PATRICK RONO, LYNDHURST                            1ST

                        Domenic D’Agostino, Wallington                              7th

2011                Domenic D’Agostino, Wallington                              2nd

                        Jorge Maldonado, Palisades Park                               6th

2012                Ramon Fantuazzi, Pompton Lakes                             4th

                        Jorge Maldonado, Palisades Park                               6th

                        Jovanie Sotomayor, Bogota                                        8th

2013                none

2014                none

2015                Chris Singer, Kinnelon                                               5th

Daniel Daurio, Bogota                                                8th

2016                BOGOTA                                                                  2nd

James Draney, Bogota                                   

2017                Jake Cooper, Park Ridge/Emerson                             10th

2018                HASBROUCK HEIGHTS                                       2nd

Matt Konopinski, Butler                                             8th

                        Nathan Armstrong, Pompton Lakes                           9th

                        Jimmy Gutierrez, Bogota                                           10th



1972                Clark Woods, Pascack Valley                                    3rd

                        Tim Chambers, Ramsey                                             6th

1973                HAWTHORNE                                                         1ST

1974                SADDLE BROOK                                                    2ND

                        Dave Young, Saddle Brook                                        2nd

                        Van Gothner, Tenafly                                                 3rd

1975                MAHWAH                                                                1ST

                        SADDLE BROOK                                                    2ND

1976                TENAFLY                                                                2ND

                        Rick Bolline, Saddle Brook                                        2nd

                        Scott Sarnoski, Bergen Tech                                       4th

                        Mike Salamone, New Milford                                    5th

1977                Scott Sarnoski, Bergen Tech                                       4th

                        John Jacobus, Saddle Brook                                       10th

1978                none

1979                none

1980                Wilton Adams, Fort Lee                                             4th

1981                Yves Letennier, Manchester                                       2nd

1982                Pierre Letennier, Manchester                                      5th

1983                Pierre Letennier, Manchester                                      3rd

1984                PIERRE LETENNIER, MANCHESTER                  1ST

                        Bill Farquahar, Ridgefield Park                                  7th

1985                Jason Kaplan, Westwood                                           9th

1986                Jason Kaplan, Westwood                                           2nd

                        Willie Koslow, Fort Lee                                             10th

1987                Matt Goodman, Dumont                                             3rd

                        Rich Fitzgibbon, Dumont                                           5th

1988                Craig Masker, Mahwah                                              5th

1989                Craig Masker, Mahwah                                              2nd

1990                none

1991                none

1992                none

1993                ERIC CASTILLO, RIDGEFIELD PARK                 1ST

1994                Chris White, Northern Highlands                               10th

1995                none

1996                Gilby Hawkins, Leonia                                               7th

                        Matt Caporaletti, Westwood                                      10th

                        Luis Duarte, Lodi                                                       11th

                        Russ Giancola, New Milford                                      12th

1997                WESTWOOD                                                             3rd

                        Matt Caporaletti, Westwood                                      5th

                        Dave Finneran, Rutherford                                        7th

1998                none

1999                RUTHERFORD                                                       2nd

                        Matt Collins, Ramsey                                                 4th

                        Erik Larsen, Rutherford                                             5th

                        Cole Dailey, Rutherford                                             8th

2000                Cole Dailey, Rutherford                                             2nd

                        Andrew Lovrich, Ramsey                                           5th

                        Matt Collins, Ramsey                                                 7th

                        Owen Bourgholtzer, Mahwah                                    8th

2001                none

2002                INDIAN HILLS                                                        3rd

                        Matt Klypka, Indian Hills                                           3rd

2003                INDIAN HILLS                                                        2nd

                        Matt Klypka, Indian Hills                                           3rd

                        Matt Filandro, Indian Hills                                         6th

2004                Bryan Kretschmer, Ramsey                                        8th

                        Andrew Bruno, Indian Hills                                       9th

2005                Will Nowicki, Pascack Valley                                    8th

                        Bryan Kretschmer, Ramsey                                        9th

2006                Jerome Perkins, Indian Hills                                       7th

                        Charles Goold, Rutherford                                         9th

2007                Jerome Perkins, Indian Hills                                       2nd

                        Max Bruno, Indian Hills                                             5th

                        James Vander Wiele, Pequannock                             6th

2008                Rob Albano, Pequannock                                           5th

                        Alan Zaccone, Mahwah                                              6th

2009                John Dugan, Ramsey                                                  8th

2010                RAMSEY                                                                  2nd

                        John Dugan, Ramsey                                                  3rd

Sherif Ali, Cliffside Park                                            9th

2011                Erik Buser, Ramsey                                                    5th

2012                none

2013                Will Daly, River Dell                                                  8th

2014                Will Daly, River Dell                                                  2nd

                        Colin Daly, River Dell                                                3rd

2015                RIVER DELL                                                           3rd

Will Daly, River Dell                                                  2nd

                        Colin Daly, River Dell                                                6th

                        Sean Sullivan, Rutherford                                          9th

2016                Ty Miller, Demarest                                                   8th

2017                Andrew LaGuttuta, Glen Rock                                   10th

2018                Dillon Jensen, Pascack Hills                                       7th

                        Bobby Oehrlein, Indian Hills                                      8th




1972                GREG MILLER, NORTHERN HIGHLANDS         1ST

                        George MacKay, Pascack Hills                                  5th

                        Vic Karcs, Garfield                                                     6th

                        Jim Conner, Dumont                                                  10th

1973                PASCACK VALLEY                                              1ST

                        Clark Woods, Pascack Valley                                    3rd

                        Bob Dolan, Dumont                                                   4th

1974                Craig Lynch, Westwood                                            5th

1975                RAMSEY                                                                  2ND

                        Rick Devine, Westwood                                            2nd

                        Roger Jones, Ramsey                                                  3rd

1976                Roger Jones, Ramsey                                                  2nd

                        Jim Bates, Pascack Hills                                             5th

1977                OLD TAPPAN                                                          2ND

                        Gerry Clark, Old Tappan                                            8th

1978                RAMSEY                                                                  1ST

                        John Nelson, Old Tappan                                           8th

1979                John Nelson, Old Tappan                                           2nd

1980                none

1981                Rich Byrne, Ridgefield Park                                       3rd

1982                Steve Schadler, Bergenfield                                       7th

                        Andy Latinsics, Lakeland                                           8th

                        Jim Siedlicki, Pascack Hills                                        9th

1983                Caiphus Vilakazi, Pascack Hills                                 4th

                        Steve Schadler, Bergenfield                                       9th

1984                OLD TAPPAN                                                          3RD

1985                Ralph Nickl, Old Tappan                                            8th

1986                RAMSEY                                                                  3RD

                        Matt Swanson, Ramsey                                              8th

1987                none

1988                Ken Flynn, Ramsey                                                    4th

1989                KEN FLYNN, RAMSEY                                          1ST

                        Rich Cochrane, Wayne Valley                                   3rd

1990                Ken Flynn, Ramsey                                                    5th

                        Rich Cochrane, Wayne Valley                                   6th

1991                Rob Reeder, Northern Highlands                               2nd

                        Sean Albert, Paramus                                                  9th

                        Bill Grogan, Bergenfield                                            12th

1992                Bill Grogan, Bergenfield                                            4th

1993                Matt Illian, Pascack Valley                                         3rd

                        Doug Carter, Wayne Hills                                          4th

                        Mike Grant, Passaic Valley                                        6th

                        Leigh Cadigan, Old Tappan                                        10th

                        Geoff Ryan, Pascack Valley                                       11th

1994                Leigh Cadigan, Old Tappan                                        3rd

                        Mike Grant, Passaic Valley                                        4th

                        Matt Illian, Pascack Valley                                         10th

1995                Andrew Knight, Ramapo                                            5th

1996                DEMAREST                                                             3RD

                        Cary Snyder, Demarest                                               3rd

                        Craig Giammona, Demarest                                       16th

1997                DEMAREST                                                             3RD

                        Cary Snyder, Demarest                                               3rd

                        Andres Cordero, Passaic Valley                                 8th

1998                Andres Cordero, Passaic Valley                                 2nd

1999                none

2000                none

2001                Rudy Urena, Cliffside Park                                        16th

2002                Dane Garlasco, Demarest                                           12th

2003                James LaGreca, Demarest                                          9th

                        Mike Platt, Wayne Valley                                          11th

2004                James LaGreca, Demarest                                          3rd

2005                NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   3rd

                        Tony Salvatore, Wayne Valley                                   12th

2006                Tony Salvatore, Wayne Valley                                   2nd

                        Nick Roman, Passaic Valley                                      8th

                        Andrew Gaidus, Northern Highlands                         11th

2007                Matt Wyatt, Demarest                                                 11th

2008                none

2009                Salim Corbin, Eastside                                               5th

2010                Ben Malone, Pascack Valley                                      6th

                        Bradley Paternostro, Ramapo                                     7th

                        Nick Ward, Indian Hills                                              12th

2011                Ben Malone, Pascack Valley                                      2nd

                        Dan DeBlock, West Milford                                      10th

                        Will Maltin, Old Tappan                                             12th

2012                Mike Secreti, Paramus                                                12th

2013                Brendan Ungemach, Wayne Hills                              6th

                        Bobby Corcoran, Indian Hills                                     10th

2014                INDIAN HILLS                                                        2nd

James Weissenborn, Old Tappan                                8th

Mike Germinario, Wayne Valley                               10th

2015                INDIAN HILLS                                                        1ST

                        Tom Holster, Indian Hills                                           3rd

                        George Galkin, Wayne Hills                                       7th

                        Matt Cohane, Indian Hills                                           11th

                        Derek Barney, Indian Hills                                         12th

2016                INDIAN HILLS                                                        2nd

                        Derek Barney, Indian Hills                                         13th

                        Chris Corcoran, Indian Hills                                       17th

2017                none

2018                none



1972                Rich Stukey, Teaneck                                                 8th

1973                none

1974                Tom Tomai, Ridgewood                                            5th

1975                none

1976                none

1977                none

1978                John Eberle, Bergenfield                                            4th

                        Luis Caldera, Passaic                                                  9th

1979                Ed Kuri, Passaic Valley                                              5th

1980                Tom Hughes, Ridgewood                                          9th

1981                JEFF VAN HORN, WAYNE VALLEY                   1ST

                        Tony Williams, Kennedy                                           4th

1982                TONY WILLIAMS, KENNEDY                              1ST

                        Rich Hubbard, Hackensack                                        3rd

1983                Wesley Coke, Kennedy                                              8th

1984                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2ND

                        David Greenblatt, Teaneck                                         6th

1985                Curtis McNair, Passaic                                               7th

                        Eric Berntsen, Ridgewood                                         10th

1986                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2ND

                        Eric Berntsen, Ridgewood                                         4th

                        Kevin McCabe, Ridgewood                                       7th

                        Lawrence Brown, Kennedy                                        10th

1987                Kevin McCabe, Ridgewood                                       5th

                        Sean Henry, Clifton                                                    7th

1988                Sean Henry, Clifton                                                    2nd

1989                Eric Boucher, Ridgewood                                          8th

1990                none

1991                RIDGEWOOD                                                          1ST

                        Bob Keino, Ridgewood                                              2nd

                        Sadek Alsaidi, Ridgewood                                         9th

                        Courtney Davis, Hackensack                                      10th

                        Paul Roer, Hackensack                                               11th

1992                RIDGEWOOD                                                          1ST

                        BOB KEINO, RIDGEWOOD                                   1ST

                        Courtney Davis, Hackensack                                      7th

1993                BOB KEINO, RIDGEWOOD                                 1ST

1994                none

1995                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2ND

1996                none

1997                Eamon O’Brien, Paramus                                           4th

1998                HACKENSACK                                                       3RD

                        Thomas Baldwin, Hackensack                                   4th

                        Ted Mussano, Wayne Valley                                      12th

                        Tim McDonagh, Ridgewood                                     17th

1999                Matt Winkler, Wayne Valley                                      13th

2000                Derek Storbeck, Wayne Valley                                  25th

2001                Paul Kornaszewski, Clifton                                        8th

                        Javier Cuevas, North Bergen                                      11th

2002                Mohamed Khadraoui, Kennedy                                 3rd

Paul Kornaszewski, Clifton                                        6th

Ari Zamir, Ridgewood                                               9th

                        Ro Crispin, Ridgewood                                              17th

2003                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3rd

                        MOHAMED KHADRAOUI, KENNEDY             1ST

Ari Zamir, Ridgewood                                               4th

                        Paul Kornaszewski, Clifton                                        7th

                        Mike Cator, Ridgewood                                             21st

                        David Maher, Ridgewood                                          25th

                        Byron Williams, Ridgewood                                     31st

2004                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4th

                        Mike Cator, Ridgewood                                             6th

                        Byron Williams, Ridgewood                                     14th

2005                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        Byron Williams, Ridgewood                                     5th

                        Dan Emont, Ridgewood                                             10th

                        Mike Cator, Ridgewood                                             11th

2006                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2ND

                        Dan Emont, Ridgewood                                             11th

                        Taro Shigenobu, Ridgewood                                     13th

                        Alex Anolik, Clifton                                                   16th

2007                Daniel Rondon, North Bergen                                    12th

                        Jorge Beltre, Kennedy                                                14th

2008                RIDGEWOOD                                                          5th

                        Daniel Rondon, North Bergen                                    3rd

                        Taro Shigenobu, Ridgewood                                     4th

                        Salim Corbin, Eastside                                               20th

2009                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4th

                        Brian Cleary, Ridgewood                                           23rd

                        Pat Rynkowski, Ridgewood                                       24th

                        Joel Douglas, Hackensack                                          25th

2010                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4th

                        Patrick Rynkowski, Ridgewood                                 12th

Levi Jennings, Ridgewood                                         22nd

2011                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3rd

2012                Nick Salamone, Ridgewood                                       24th

2013                Chris Mascetti, Hackensack                                       14th

2014                Kenny Marshall, Ridgewood                                     20th

                                 Billy Byrne, Ridgewood                                            23rd

2015                Billy Byrne, Ridgewood                                            16th

2016                RIDGEWOOD                                                          6th

                        Billy Byrne, Ridgewood                                            5th

2017                Will Baginski, Ridgewood                                         4th

                        Luis Peralta, Passaic                                                   7th

2018                Will Baginski, Ridgewood                                         4th

                        Ryan Fahey, Ridgewood                                            19th



1972                PARAMUS CATHOLIC                                         1ST

Tim Conheeney, Paramus Catholic                            2nd

Jerry Carney, Paramus Catholic                                 4th

Kevin Walsh, St. Joseph Reg.                                    9th

Bob McDermott, Paramus Catholic                           10th

1973                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            2ND

                        KEVIN WALSH, St. Joseph Regional                       1st

                        Bob McDermott, Paramus Catholic                           2nd

                        Marty Carle, Bergen Catholic                                     9th

                        Frank Morgan, Bergen Catholic                                 10th

1974                Kevin Byrne, Bergen Catholic                                   2nd

1975                PARAMUS CATHOLIC                                         1ST

                        KEVIN BYRNE, PARAMUS CATHOLIC              1ST

1976                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            2ND

                        KEVIN BYRNE, PARAMUS CATHOLIC              1ST

                        Vin Deuschel, Bergen Catholic                                  4th

                        Hugh Monahan, Paramus Catholic                             5th

1977                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            1ST

                        BILL LEONARD, BERGEN CATHOLIC               1ST*

                        Vin Deuschel, Bergen Catholic                                  2nd

                        Paul Thomas, Paramus Catholic                                 3rd

1978                PARAMUS CATHOLIC                                         2ND

                        PAUL THOMAS, PARAMUS CATHOLIC             1ST

                        Gerry Clark, Old Tappan                                            3rd

                        Quentin Franklin, Bergen Catholic                             7th

1979                Sean Gormley, Bergen Catholic                                 3rd

                        Pat Fogarty, Queen of Peace                                      6th

                        Larry Moloney, Bergen Catholic                                8th

1980                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            3RD

                        Ernie Lugo, St. Joseph Regional                                 7th

                        John Pedati, Queen of Peace                                       10th

1981                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            3RD

                        Ernie Lugo, St. Joseph Regional                                 2nd

1982                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            3RD

                        John Gaudio, Bergen Catholic                                    5th

1983                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            3RD

            Harry Carle, Bergen Catholic                                     9th

1984                Harry Carle, Bergen Catholic                                     5th

1985                Doug Palmadessa, Bergen Catholic                           2nd

                        John Murphy, Bergen Catholic                                   10th

1986                John Lauria, Paramus Catholic                                   8th

1987                John Lauria, Paramus Catholic                                   10th

1988                none

1989                Dave Pataky, Paramus Catholic                                 8th

1990                J.R. Meloro, Bergen Catholic                                     2nd

                        Regan Ladisic, Paramus Catholic                               7th

1991                PARAMUS CATHOLIC                                         2ND

                        Chris Langan, Don Bosco                                           5th

                        Steve Berardo, Paramus Catholic                               8th

                        Regan Ladisic, Paramus Catholic                               10th

                        Mike Matos, Queen of Peace                                      12th

1992                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2ND

                        REGAN LADISIC, PARAMUS CATHOLIC          1ST

                        Mike Matos, Queen of Peace                                      5th

                        Marty Hickey, Don Bosco                                          6th

                        Jake Levirne, Don Bosco                                            8th

1993                DON BOSCO PREP                                                3RD

                        Marty Hickey, Don Bosco                                          5th

                        Andrew Zagula, Paramus Catholic                             9th

                        Jake Levirne, Don Bosco                                            10th

                        Jason Weber, Bergen Catholic                                   11th

                        Mike Matos, Queen of Peace                                      12th

                        Tim Foley, Don Bosco                                               14th

                        Jason Patula, Don Bosco                                            17th

                        John Downey, Queen of Peace                                   22nd

                        Mike Farrell, St. Joseph Regional                              23rd

                        Kevin Gilman, Bergen Catholic                                 24th

1994                Kevin Gilman, Bergen Catholic                                 6th

                        Andrew Zagula, Paramus Catholic                             12th

                        Noah Murphy, Paramus Catholic                               19th

                        John Downey, Queen of Peace                                   22nd

                        Jeff Clutterbuck, Don Bosco                                      24th

1995                PARAMUS CATHOLIC                                         3RD

                        Andrew Zagula, Paramus Catholic                             7th

                        Kevin Gilman, Bergen Catholic                                 11th

                        Marco Alves, Queen of Peace                                    13th

                        Kurt Erler, Don Bosco                                                17th

1996                Dan Contreras, Don Bosco                                         8th

                        Rob Zagula, Paramus Catholic                                   15th

                        Corey Kunz, St. Joseph Regional                               18th

                        Andrew Reiners, Don Bosco                                      23rd

1997                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2ND

                        Dan Contreras, Don Bosco                                         11th

                        Corey Kunz, St. Joseph Regional                               12th

1998                Corey Kunz, St. Joseph Regional                               4th

1999                none

2000                DON BOSCO PREP                                                3RD

                        Peter Gerboth, Don Bosco                                          8th

                        James Clifford, Don Bosco                                         9th

2001                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2ND

                        Peter Gerboth, Don Bosco                                          2nd

                        Sean Swift, Don Bosco                                               3rd

2002                DON BOSCO PREP                                                3RD

                        Sean Swift, Don Bosco                                               4th

                        Peter Gerboth, Don Bosco                                          7th

2003                Alex Wechsler, Don Bosco                                        7th

2004                none

2005                DON BOSCO PREP                                                3RD

                        Colin McCullough, Don Bosco                                  8th

                        Conor Sullivan, Don Bosco                                        9th

                        Tim Burke, Bergen Catholic                                       11th

2006                DON BOSCO PREP                                                1ST

                        Conor Sullivan, Don Bosco                                        5th

                        Robert Molke, Don Bosco                                          6th

                        Anthony Belgiovine, Don Bosco                                11th

                        Jason Baker, Don Bosco                                             13th

2007                DON BOSCO PREP                                                1ST

                        Anthony Belgiovine, Don Bosco                                4th

                        Robert Molke, Don Bosco                                          6th

                        Stephen Wyka, Don Bosco                                         10th

2008                DON BOSCO PREP                                                1ST

                        Leighton Spencer, Don Bosco                                    2nd

                        Rafael Vargas, Don Bosco                                         6th

                        Howie Rosas, Don Bosco                                           7th

                        Rob Molke, Don Bosco                                              8th

                        Mike Belgiovine, Don Bosco                                     11th

                        Brendan Offer, Don Bosco                                         12th

2009                DON BOSCO PREP                                                1ST

                        Mike Belgiovine, Don Bosco                                     4th

                        Rafael Vargas, Don Bosco                                         5th

                        Howie Rosas, Don Bosco                                           6th

2010                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2nd

                        Christian Costello, Don Bosco                                   5th

Erik Lapinski, Don Bosco                                          8th

Ryan Tucker, Don Bosco                                           12th

2011                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2nd

                        Christian Costello, Don Bosco                                   3rd

Kyle Levermore, Don Bosco                                      7th

Ryan Tucker, Don Bosco                                           10th

2012                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2nd

Kyle Levermore, Don Bosco                                      7th

Mike Higgins, Don Bosco                                          8th

Rob Townsend, Don Bosco                                        9th

2013                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2nd

Mike Higgins, Don Bosco                                          2nd

Kyle Levermore, Don Bosco                                      7th

2014                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2nd

Patrick Sullivan, Don Bosco                                       3rd

David Rosas, Don Bosco                                            4th

Zack Weland, Don Bosco                                           5th

Justin Fuhrman, Don Bosco                                       11th

Bobby Gonzalez, Don Bosco                                     12th

2015                DON BOSCO PREP                                                1ST

                        David Rosas, Don Bosco                                            2nd

                        Patrick Sullivan, Don Bosco                                       3rd

                        Justin Fuhrman, Don Bosco                                       4th

                        Justin Touhey, Don Bosco                                          8th

2016                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2nd

                        DAVID ROSAS, DON BOSCO                                1ST

                        Justin Touhey, Don Bosco                                          3rd

                        Joe Erskine, Don Bosco                                              8th

                        Caleb Shaia, Bergen Catholic                                     9th

2017                Kieran Ungemach, Don Bosco                                   10th

2018                Braedon Fiume, Bergen Catholic                               3rd

                        Michael Dua, Don Bosco                                           4th



1972                JIM MCINTYRE, QUEEN OF PEACE                1ST

Rich Meigh, Queen of Peace                                      5th

George Bloom, Queen of Peace                                 8th

Tom Dance, Queen of Peace                                      9th

1973                Rich Meigh, Queen of Peace                                      3rd

                        George Bloom, Queen of Peace                                 6th

1974                none

1975                Dave Tahan, Paul VI                                                  2nd

1976                none

1977                PAUL VI                                                                    2ND

                        Lou Galdo, Paul VI                                                    5th

1978                Greg Bloom, Queen of Peace                                     3rd

                        Pete Guthrie, Paterson Catholic                                  7th

                        Omar Tamiani, Paterson Catholic                              10th

1979                none

1980                Jose Rubiani, Pope Pius                                              7th

1981                PAUL VI                                                                    2ND

                        POPE PIUS                                                               3RD

                        Jose Rubiani, Pope Pius                                              3rd

1982                POPE PIUS                                                               3RD

                        Jose Rubiani, Pope Pius                                              2nd

                        Enrique Mieses, Pope Pius                                         10th

1983                none

1984                Sean Studer, DePaul                                                   2nd

1985                none

1986                Steve Fahmie, Neumann Prep                                    4th

1987                none

1988                Matt Niedzwiecki, DePaul                                          8th

1989                none

1990                none

1991                Ed Conn, DePaul                                                        9th

1992                DEPAUL                                                                   3RD

                        Jon Spages, DePaul                                                    4th

                        Ed Conn, DePaul                                                        8th

                        Bill O’Keefe, DePaul                                                  11th

1993                Jon Spages, DePaul                                                    8th

1994                none

1995                none

1996                none

1997                none

1998                none

1999                Dave Steenstra, Eastern Christian                              7th

2000                none

2001                Dave Steenstra, Eastern Christian                              9th

2002                none

2003                none

2004                none

2005                Nick Miehe, DePaul                                                   3rd

                        Brian Barroquiero, Queen of Peace                            7th

                        Dan Sietsma, Eastern Christian                                  8th

2006                Nick Miehe, DePaul                                                   5th

                        Dan Sietsma, Eastern Christian                                  7th

2007                Anthony Andrews, Paterson Catholic                        7th

2008                Anthony Andrews, Paterson Catholic                        5th

2009                none

2010                none

2011                Tyler Van Lenten, Eastern Christian                          8th

2012                none

2013                Marc Rosenberg, Dwight-Englewood                        5th

2014                none

2015                none

2016                Jeremy Bronstein, Dwight-Englewood                      7th

                        David Khym, Dwight-Englewood                             8th

2017                Jeremy Bronstein, Dwight-Englewood                      3rd

2018                Jeremy Bronstein, Dwight-Englewood                      2nd

                        David Khym, Dwight-Englewood                             6th

                        Caleb Dalgetty, Dwight-Englewood                          10th




1973                none

1978                Jorge Otero, Pope Pius                                                3rd


1976                none

1977                none

1978                none

1979                Simone Mele, Cresskill                                               10th

1980                none

1981                none

1982                none

1983                Vicky Gusciora, Saddle Brook                                   9th

1984                none

1985                none

1986                MAHWAH                                                                3RD

                        Dee Keough, Mahwah                                                7th

1987                SADDLE BROOK                                                    3RD

                        Cathy Acevedo, Saddle Brook                                   3rd

                        Nicole Brown, Palisades Park                                    10th

1988                Ann Sourek, Palisades Park                                        9th

1989                PALISADES PARK                                                 2ND

                        Cathy Acevedo, Saddle Brook                                   7th

                        Nicole Brown, Palisades Park                                    10th

1990                none

1991                PALISADES PARK                                                 3RD

                        Kerry Moore, Midland Park                                       4th

1992                KERRY MOORE, MIDLAND PARK                      1ST

1993                MIDLAND PARK                                                    2ND

                        Kerry Moore, Midland Park                                       2nd

                        Nancy Siegel, Leonia                                                  3rd

                        Kirsten LaFond, Bogota                                             7th

                        Allison Curran, Midland Park                                    8th

                        Karin Goers, Palisades Park                                       14th

1994                BOGOTA                                                                  1ST

                        Erica Cesario, Bogota                                                 3rd

                        Kirsten LaFond, Bogota                                             6th

                        Tina Govic, Palisades Park                                         7th

                        Nancy Siegel, Leonia                                                  9th

                        Michelle Garrambone, Bogota                                   11th

                        Amy Hamernick, Midland Park                                  16th

                        Allison Curran, Midland Park                                    17th

1995                Erica Cesario, Bogota                                                 3rd

                        Tina Romic, Hawthorne                                             4th

                        Kirsten LaFond, Bogota                                             7th

                        Tina Govic, Palisades Park                                         12th

1996                BOGOTA                                                                  1ST

                        Tracy DellaTorre, Glen Rock                                     2nd

                        Erica Cesario, Bogota                                                 6th

1997                BOGOTA                                                                  3RD

                        Stephanie Paglione, Palisades Park                            5th

                        Erica Cesario, Bogota                                                 6th

                        Stephanie Burgener, Palisades Park                           10th

1998                BOGOTA                                                                  2ND

                        GLEN ROCK                                                           3RD

                        Tracy DellaTorre, Glen Rock                                     2nd

                        Katherine Libretto, Glen Rock                                   8th

1999                none

2000                Erin Henry, Glen Rock                                               2nd

                        Katy Botsford, Cresskill                                             9th

2001                GLEN ROCK                                                           2ND

                        ERIN HENRY, GLEN ROCK                                   1st

                        Katie D’Aco, Westwood                                            7th

2002                Amy Van Alstine, Midland Park                                3rd

                        Stephanie Sinclair, Ridgefield                                    10th

2003                GLEN ROCK                                                           3RD

                        Amy Van Alstine, Midland Park                                3rd

                        Stephanie Sinclair, Ridgefield                                    7th

                        Katherine DeLeon, Palisades Park                             10th

2004                PALISADES PARK                                                 1ST

                        AMY VAN ALSTINE, MIDLAND PARK              1ST

Katherine DeLeon, Palisades Park                             4th

Aubrey LaRezza, Pascack Hills                                  9th

Gaby Skovira, Park Ridge                                          10th

2005                PALISADES PARK                                                 2ND

                        Amy Van Alstine, Midland Park                                2nd

                        Katherine DeLeon, Palisades Park                             4th

                        Minoshka Casanova, Palisades Park                          9th

2006                WALDWICK                                                3RD

                        LINDSAY PEDERSEN, WALDWICK                    1ST

                        Katherine DeLeon, Palisades Park                             2nd

                        Jenna Hascup, Waldwick                                            6th

                        Ewelina Marut, Becton                                               7th

                        Cassandra Lacorazza, Palisades Park                         9th

2007                Brittany DeBord, Waldwick                                       10th

2008                Betsy Eickelberg, Leonia                                            9th

2009                WESTWOOD                                                           3RD

                        Betsy Eickelberg, Leonia                                            3rd

                        Teresa Gagliostro, Westwood                                    5th

                        Kim Oppenheim, Westwood                                      6th

                        Allison Kriskewic, Kinnelon                                      7th

                        Rebecca Fortoul, Hasbrouck Heights                         10th

2010                none

2011                KINNELON                                                              2nd

                        Elizabeth O’Brien, Bogota                                         7th

                        Rebecca Fortoul, Hasbrouck Heights                         10th

2012                Nikki Rodriguez, Kinnelon                                         6th

                        Christine Kehrli, Park Ridge/Emerson                       8th

2013                Arianna Lopez, Palisades Park                                   10th

2014                none

2015                KINNELON                                                              3rd

                        Angelina Tarabokija, Kinnelon                                  9th

2016                KINNELON                                                              2nd

                        Angelina Tarabokija, Kinnelon                                  3rd

                        Hannah Relovsky, Kinnelon                                       4th

2017                KINNELON                                                              3rd

                        SAMANTHA GREEN, Park Ridge/Emerson            1ST

                        Emma Kline, Kinnelon                                               6th

2018                Emma Kline, Kinnelon                                               4th

                        Delaney Rice, Weehawken                                         8th

                        Rebecca Guetzov, Kinnelon                                       9th


1976                SADDLE BROOK                                                    1ST

                        Jean Chodnicki, Saddle Brook                                   4th

1977                Lynn Scali, Saddle Brook                                           6th

1978                SADDLE BROOK                                                    1ST

                        Violetta Josevska, Garfield                                        4th

                        Diane Mastej, Garfield                                               9th

1979                Violetta Josevska, Garfield                                        3rd

                        Laura Falci, Saddle Brook                                          10th

1980                Eileen Keyes, Tenafly                                                 6th

1981                none

1982                none

1983                none

1984                DUMONT                                                                  2ND

                        Michele Forzani, Dumont                                          10th

1985                none

1986                Robyn Heim, Lyndhurst                                             3rd

                        Terri Grivas, Dumont                                                 4th

1987                Dee Keough, Mahwah                                                7th

1988                none

1989                Caroline Preece, No. Highlands                                 8th

1990                Nancy Scott, Garfield                                                 4th

                        Carli Gallo, Mahwah                                                  9th

1991                Eileen Fahey, Rutherford                                           9th

1992                Carli Gallo, Mahwah                                                  3rd

1993                NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   1ST

                        Jenn Reeder, Northern Highlands                              7th

1994                Nikki Callaghan, Westwood                                      10th

1995                RAMSEY                                                                  1ST

                        Nikki Callaghan, Westwood                                      7th

1996                RAMSEY                                                                  1ST

                        DANA SATIR, RAMSEY                                         1ST

                        Alyson Campbell, Ramsey                                         7th

                        Shana Pitcher, Pompton Lakes                                   11th

                        Tracy Kirk, Ramsey                                                    12th

                        Nikki Callaghan, Westwood                                      14th

1997                RAMSEY                                                                  1ST

                        Tracy Kirk, Ramsey                                                    3rd

                        Melissa Conway, Ramsey                                           4th

                        Shana Pitcher, Pompton Lakes                                   11th

1998                INDIAN HILLS                                                        3RD

                        MELISSA CONWAY, RAMSEY                             1ST

                        Noelle Bassi, Indian Hills                                           5th

                        Briana Bayersdorfer, River Dell                                 6th

                        Megan Campbell, Ramsey                                          7th

                        Jenica Asadorian, Westwood                                     13th

1999                RAMSEY                                                                  3RD

                        Melissa Conway, Ramsey                                           3rd

                        Beth Vesey, Ramsey                                                   7th

2000                Melissa Conway, Ramsey                                           3rd

2001                Meghan Gaffney, Pompton Lakes                              13th

                        Jenna Bauberger, Indian Hills                                     14th

2002                none

2003                INDIAN HILLS                                                        2ND

                        Meghan Gaffney, Pompton Lakes                              2nd

                        Jenna Bauberger, Indian Hills                                     5th

                        Liz Bissell, Indian Hills                                              8th

2004                Liz Bissell, Indian Hills                                              7th

2005                none

2006                Lindsey Jeltes, Indian Hills                                         8th

2007                none

2008                Alex Clinton, Ramsey                                                 8th

2009                Alex Clinton, Ramsey                                                 2nd

2010                none

2011                none

2012                none

2013                Katie Sullivan, Rutherford                                         7th

2014                none

2015                Shannon Goria, River Dell                                         2nd

2016                Lexi Harris, Ramapo                                                   10th

2017                Kellie O’Donnell, River Dell                                      7th

                        Shannon Goria, River Dell                                         8th

2018                INDIAN HILLS                                                        3rd

                        CORINNE BARNEY, Indian Hills                            1ST

                        Allison Lounsbury, Indian Hills                                 9th



1976                Michele Guido, Paramus Catholic                              4th

                        Kelly Neilan, Fort Lee                                                5th

1977                Michele Guido, Paramus Catholic                              2nd

                        Kelly Neilan, Fort Lee                                                5th

1978                Mary Ellen McGowan, Pascack Valley                      2nd

                        Debbie Meberg, Old Tappan                                      3rd

1979                OLD TAPPAN                                                          1ST

                        MARY ELLEN MCGOWAN, PASC. VALLEY     1ST

                        Debbie Meberg, Old Tappan                                      3rd

                        Colleen Dunn, Old Tappan                                         5th

                        Megan Murtaugh, Old Tappan                                   10th

1980                Pattie McCluskey, Dumont                                        2nd

                        Mary Ellen McGowan, Pascack Valley                      6th

1981                PASCACK VALLEY                                              2ND

                        Pattie McCluskey, Dumont                                        2nd

                        Cheryl Wagner, Pascack Valley                                 6th

1982                Toni Ann Angione, Bergenfield                                 2nd

                        Laura Riebold, Lakeland                                            9th

1983                WAYNE VALLEY                                                  3RD

                        TONI ANN ANGIONE, BERGENFIELD                1ST

                        Missy Duchini, Wayne Valley                                    2nd

                        Lisa Herman, Wayne Valley                                      10th

1984                WAYNE VALLEY                                                  2ND

                        JEN VAN HORN, WAYNE VALLEY                     1ST

                        Toni Ann Angione, Bergenfield                                 2nd

                        Missy Duchini, Wayne Valley                                    4th

1985                Jen Van Horn, Wayne Valley                                     3rd

1986                WAYNE VALLEY                                                  3RD

                        Jen Mizzone, Wayne Valley                                       3rd

                        Catherine Feeney, Wayne Valley                               7th

1987                WAYNE VALLEY                                                  3RD

                        AMY KEMPF, PARAMUS                                       1ST

                        Catherine Feeney, Wayne Valley                               4th

                        Laura Drake, Wayne Valley                                       9th

1988                Catherine Feeney, Wayne Valley                               8th

1989                Kathy McAuliffe, Dumont                                         8th

1990                none

1991                NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   1ST

                        Caroline Preece, Northern Highlands                         3rd

                        Amy Mizzone, Wayne Valley                                                8th

                        Klara Zdenkova, Northern Highlands                        10th

1992                Amy Mizzone, Wayne Valley                                                3rd

1993                WAYNE VALLEY                                                  3RD

                        Caitlin Schrein, Pascack Valley                                  10th

1994                Amy Mizzone, Wayne Valley                                                3rd

                        Beth Crenshaw, Wayne Valley                                   6th

                        Caitlin Schrein, Pascack Valley                                  15th

1995                Jennie Meighan, Northern Highlands                         9th

1996                Meghan O’Toole, Garfield                                         5th

                        Josie Maceri, Fort Lee                                                            10th

                        Jamie Siegrist, Demarest                                            12th

                        Karen Petouvis, Paramus                                            13th

1997                Meghan O’Toole, Garfield                                         7th

                        Josie Maceri, Fort Lee                                                            9th

                        Mandy Smeal, Northern Highlands                            12th

1998                none

1999                SHAHNAZ IQBAL, BERGENFIELD                      1st

                        Jen Myers, Ramapo                                                    3rd

2000                JESSE MIZZONE, PASSAIC VALLEY                  1st

                        Briana Bayersdorfer, River Dell                                 10th

2001                JESSE MIZZONE, PASSAIC VALLEY                  1st

                        Carol Bullen, Paramus                                                12th

2002                Jesse Mizzone, Passaic Valley                                    3rd

2003                Cheyenne Ogletree, Garfield                                      5th

2004                Cheyenne Ogletree, Garfield                                      6th

                        Taylor Lebovich, Old Tappan                                     8th

                        Andrea Rothschild, Demarest                                     10th

2005                Christina Valerio, West Milford                                 5th

                        Andrea Rothschild, Demarest                                     15th

                        Patty Hannon, Paramus                                               16th

2006                Kesley Ramsey, Ramapo                                            4th

                        Christina Valerio, West Milford                                 11th

                        Patty Hannon, Paramus                                               13th

2007                Patty Hannon, Paramus                                               17th

                        Erin McKenna, Ramapo                                             20th

2008                none

2009                Brittany Day, Demarest                                              12th

2010                Ariana North, Northern Highlands                             5th

2011                Ariana North, Northern Highlands                             2nd

                        Alyssa Loffredo, Wayne Hills                                    11th

                        Josette Norris, Tenafly                                                12th

2012                Josette Norris, Tenafly                                                2nd

                        Ariana North, Northern Highlands                             6th

2013                JOSETTE NORRIS, TENAFLY                               1ST

                        Julia Guerra, Indian Hills                                            5th

                        Stephanie Bitcon, Wayne Hills                                   7th

                        Jillian O’Donohoe, Wayne Hills                                 15th

2014                NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   3RD

                        Catherine Pagano, Northern Highlands                      2nd

                        Julia Guerra, Indian Hills                                            8th

                        Veronica Rocco, Tenafly                                            10th

2015                WAYNE HILLS                                                       2ND

                        Julia Guerra, Indian Hills                                            2nd

                        Taylor Domico, Wayne Hills                                      10th

                        Katerina Zachmann, Wayne Hills                               11th

                        Monica Hebner, Northern Highlands                         12th

2016                NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   2nd

                        Ashley Evans, Pascack Valley                                    4th

                        Taylor Domico, Wayne Hills                                      6th

Madeline Barney, Indian Hills                                    11th

2017                INDIAN HILLS                                                        3RD

                        NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   4TH

                        Monica Hebner, Northern Highlands                         2nd

                        Corinne Barney, Indian Hills                                      5th

                        Isabel Hebner, Northern Highlands                            6th

2018                Daisy Liljegren, Northern Highlands                         2nd



1976                Nina Zollo, Wayne Hills                                             3rd

1977                Nina Zollo, Wayne Hills                                             5th

1978                Barbara Remmers, Ridgewood                                  5th

1979                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        Carol Dickstein, Ridgewood                                      4th

                        Mary Ellen Mileski, Ridgewood                                10th

1980                RIDGEWOOD                                                          1ST

                        Mary Ellen Mileski, Ridgewood                                3rd

                        Patti Mileski, Ridgewood                                           7th

1981                Patti Mileski, Ridgewood                                           4th

                        Shirley Daniel, Kennedy                                            8th

                        Mary Ellen Mileski, Ridgewood                                9th

1982                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        Patti Mileski, Ridgewood                                           3rd

                        Mary Ellen Mileski, Ridgewood                                6th

                        Lisa Herman, Wayne Valley                                      8th

                        Jen Van Horn, Wayne Valley                                     9th

                        Shirley Daniel, Kennedy                                            10th

1983                KENNEDY                                                               2ND

                        Margaret Scutro, Ridgewood                                     8th

1984                MARGARET SCUTRO, RIDGEWOOD                  1ST

                        Cathy Paz, Clifton                                                      3rd

                        Jackie Paz, Clifton                                                      6th

                        Chrissy Klimek, Clifton                                             9th

1985                CLIFTON                                                                  1ST

                        Cathy Paz, Clifton                                                      2nd

                        Norine D’Arcy, Ridgewood                                       3rd

                        Jackie Paz, Clifton                                                      4th

1986                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        Allyson Perre, Passaic Valley                                     3rd

                        Cathy Paz, Clifton                                                      4th

                        Amy Kempf, Paramus                                                 8th

                        Jasmin Jones, Hackensack                                          9th

1987                Jackie Paz, Clifton                                                      9th

1988                none

1989                Rachel McLaughlin, Lakeland                                   5th

                        Eileen Fitzgerald, Ridgewood                                    7th

                        Liz Figlar, Ridgewood                                               8th

1990                Deanna Gastrock, West Milford                                 10th

1991                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        Jenna Rogers, Ridgewood                                          2nd

                        Vanessa McClure, Kennedy                                       8th

                        Deanna Gastrock, West Milford                                 12th

1992                RIDGEWOOD                                                          1ST

                        IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  4TH

                        Regina Gonzalez, Holy Angels                                  4th

                        Jenna Rogers, Ridgewood                                          5th

                        Martina Brosnahan, IHA                                            10th

1993                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        JENNA ROGERS, RIDGEWOOD                           1ST

                        Lauren Stuhr, Ridgewood                                          18th

1994                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2ND

                        Stephanie Doyle, Ridgewood                                     5th

                        Jackie Martin, Hackensack                                         10th

                        Amy Smith, Ridgewood                                             11th

                        Kim Folk, Ridgewood                                                13th

                        Celeste Sedo, Ridgewood                                          15th

                        Zena Lobell, Ridgewood                                            20th

1995                Amy Smith, Ridgewood                                             7th

                        Stephanie Doyle, Ridgewood                                     9th

1996                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        Patty Martin, Hackensack                                           5th

                        Celeste Sedo, Ridgewood                                          7th

1997                HACKENSACK                                                       2ND

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        CELESTE SEDO, RIDGEWOOD                            1ST

                        Kelly Behan, Ridgewood                                           4th

                        Jackie Martin, Hackensack                                         5th

                        Patty Martin, Hackensack                                           9th

                        Kelly Ortiz, Paramus                                                  13th

                        Beth Androski, Hackensack                                       16th

1998                RIDGEWOOD                                                          1ST

                        BETH ANDROSKI, HACKENSACK                      1ST

                        Meg McDermott, Ridgewood                                    4th

                        Patty Martin, Hackensack                                           7th

                        Natalie Popowicz, Clifton                                          11th

                        Clair Nowakowski, Ridgewood                                 16th

                        Danielle Walther, Ridgewood                                    21st

1999                RIDGEWOOD                                                          1ST

                        Beth Androski, Hackensack                                       2nd

                        Clair Nowakowski, Ridgewood                                 7th

                        Alyson Cangemi, Ridgewood                                    16th

                        Kelly Behan, Ridgewood                                           17th

2000                Shaneika Bernard, Hackensack                                  12th

                        Shakira Williams, Passaic                                           13th

                        Justine Lupo, Ridgewood                                           21st

2001                RIDGEWOOD                                                          5TH

                        CLAIR NOWAKOWSKI, Ridgewood                     1st

                        Shanieka Bernard, Hackensack                                  4th

                        Justine Lupo, Ridgewood                                           17th

2002                Justine Lupo, Ridgewood                                           12th

                        Meghan O’Connell, Ridgewood                                14th

2003                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        Meghan O’Connell, Ridgewood                                10th

                        Justine Lupo, Ridgewood                                           11th

                        Emily Terrin, Ridgewood                                          17th

2004                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4TH

                        Meredith Jones, Ridgewood                                       11th

2005                Ashlyn Llerandi, Ridgewood                                     15th

2006                none

2007                none

2008                none

2009                none

2010                none

2011                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

2012                Catherine Pagano, Ridgewood                                   3rd

2013                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

Sam Halvorsen, Ridgewood                                       6th

Carleen Jeffers, Ridgewood                                       7th

2014                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4TH

Sam Halvorsen, Ridgewood                                       3rd

Carleen Jeffers, Ridgewood                                       4th

                        Michelle Kubasek, Bergen Tech                                 16th

2015                RIDGEWOOD                                                          5TH

OLYMPIA MARTIN, RIDGEWOOD                      1ST

Sam Halvorsen, Ridgewood                                       6th

2016                OLYMPIA MARTIN, RIDGEWOOD                      1ST

2017                none

2018                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2nd

                        Camryn Wennersten, Ridgewood                              6th

                        Mia Dubac, Clifton                                                     7th

                        AnnaMarie Tretola, Ridgewood                                14th

                        Olivia Shattuck, Ridgewood                                      20th

                        Lily Williams, Ridgewood                                         21st



1982                Rene Murphy, DePaul                                                5th

                        Colleen Murphy, DePaul                                            6th

1983                Rene Murphy, DePaul                                                2nd

1984                none

1985                none

1993                Kourtney Gallo, IHA                                                  2nd

                        Michiyo Kawasaki, IHA                                            10th

1994                Kourtney Gallo, IHA                                                  2nd

                        Michiyo Kawasaki, IHA                                            6th

                        Eileen Lennon, Holy Angels                                      10th

                        Jen Knuth, Holy Angels                                              14th

1995                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  2ND

                        Kourtney Gallo, IHA                                                  3rd

                        Dana Catanese, IHA                                                   7th

                        Danielle Reinert, IHA                                                11th

                        Eileen Lennon, Holy Angels                                      15th

                        Michiyo Kawasaki, IHA                                            16th

                        Alex Kenworthy, IHA                                                17th

                        Jen Knuth, Holy Angels                                              23rd

1996                Julie Clifford, Holy Angels                                        9th

                        Jen Knuth, Holy Angels                                              11th

                        Alex Kenworthy, IHA                                                13th

                        Mary Duala, IHA                                                       14th

1997                Julie Clifford, Holy Angels                                        7th

1998                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  3RD

                        Julie Clifford, Holy Angels                                        3rd

1999                none

2000                none

2001                none

2002                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  3RD

                        Lisa Sinkovitz, IHA                                                   5th

                        Theresa Hearn, IHA                                                   8th

                        Caitlin Hemmer, IHA                                                 10th

2003                Caitlin Hemmer, IHA                                                 3rd

2004                Kerry Taylor, IHA                                                      7th

2005                Kerry Taylor, IHA                                                      6th

                        Sarah Pagano, IHA                                                     7th

2006                HOLY ANGELS                                                      1ST

                        Sarah Pagano, IHA                                                     4th

                        Mary Kay Duff, Holy Angels                                     5th

                        Kat Baselice, Holy Angels                                          9th

2007                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  3RD

                        SARAH PAGANO, IHA                                           1ST

                        Suzana Markolovic, Holy Angels                               8th

2008                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  1ST

                        Sarah Pagano, IHA                                                     1ST

                        Suzana Markolovic, Holy Angels                               6th

                        Erin Thompson, IHA                                                  9th

2009                HOLY ANGELS                                                      1ST

                        Emily Dunne, Holy Angels                                        4th

                        Alyssa LaGuardia, DePaul                                         5th

                        Jen Molke, Holy Angels                                             6th

                        Erin Thompson, IHA                                                  7th

                        Katie Sylvester, Holy Angels                                     10th

2010                HOLY ANGELS                                                      2nd

                        Emily Dunne, Holy Angels                                        3rd

                        Alyssa LaGuardia, DePaul                                         4th

                        Jen Molke, Holy Angels                                             5th

                        Erin Thompson, IHA                                                  7th

2011                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  3RD

                        Ashley Strysko, Holy Angels                                     4th

                        Rachel Lotterman, IHA                                              8th

2012                Ashley Strysko, Holy Angels                                     5th

                        Lydon Kersting, Holy Angels                                     7th

2013                HOLY ANGELS                                                      2nd

IHA                                                                             3rd

Lydon Kersting, Holy Angels                                     4th

                        Mary Watters, Holy Angels                                        5th

                        Colleen Buckley, IHA                                                9th

2014                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  2ND

                        Colleen Buckley, IHA                                                2nd

                        Mary Watters, Holy Angels                                        10th

2015                Rhiannon Novelli, Holy Angels                                 7th

                        Giavanna Tabbachino, IHA                                       10th

2016                Olivia Mandella, Holy Angels                                    4th

                        Ashley Linares, Paramus Catholic                             6th

2017                Ashley Linares, Paramus Catholic                             7th

                        Olivia Mandella, Holy Angels                                    10th

2018                Olivia Mandella, Holy Angels                                    5th



1982                Meri Hershey, Eastern Christian                                10th

1983                Maureen Ryan, Paul VI                                              7th

                        Meri Hershey, Eastern Christian                                10th

1984                DEPAUL                                                                   2ND

                        RENE MURPHY, DEPAUL                                     1ST

                        Trina Foster, Eastern Christian                                   10th

1985                DEPAUL                                                                   2ND

1993                Anne Marie Rigoglio, DePaul                                                8th

                        Eileen Conn, DePaul                                                  9th

1994                none

1995                none

1996                Nancy Sinclair, St. Mary’s                                          17th

                        Jessica Van Dennend, Eastern Christian                    20th

1997                Jessica Van Dennend, Eastern Christian                    7th

1998                none




2002                Lindsay Van Alstine, Hawthorne Christian                2nd

2003                none

2004                Mary Tolsma, Eastern Christian                                 9th

2005                Mary Tolsma, Eastern Christian                                 5th

2006                none

2007                none

2008                none

2009                KRISTEN TRAUB, EASTERN CHRISTIAN          1ST

                        Jessica Wisse, Eastern Christian                                 6th

2010                EASTERN CHRISTIAN                                           2ND

Kristen Traub, Eastern Christian                                2nd

Kayla Van Lenten, Eastern Christian                         7th

2011                EASTERN CHRISTIAN                                           3RD


                        Erin Van Lenten, Eastern Christian                            10th

2012                none

2013                Hanna Jerome, Dwight-Englewood                           8th

2014                Tara Satnick, Dwight-Englewood                              6th

2015                none

2016                none

2017                none

2018                Elizabeth Szambel, St. Mary’s                                    6th



1975                Michele Guido, Paramus Catholic                              3rd

                        Lucille Pasciolla, Saddle Brook                                 8th



1975                4                      5                                  X                                 X

1976                2                      5                                  1                                  4

1977                3                      7                                  1                                  4

1978                3                      11                                1                                  5

1979                1                      7                                  2                                  9

1980                1                      6                                  1                                  5

1981                3                      6                                  1                                  5

1982                2                      9                                  1                                  7

1983                1                      5                                  2                                  8

1984                2                      5                                  3                                  10

1985                0                      8                                  2                                  4

1986                2                      11                                3                                  9

1987                0                      6                                  2                                  7

1988                0                      4                                  0                                  2

1989                0                      5                                  1                                  7

1990                0                      5                                  0                                  3

1991                2                      13                                3                                  8

1992                3                      14                                2                                  6

1993                1                      18                                4                                  13

1994                0                      15                                2                                  15

1995                3                      12                                2                                  15

1996                2                      15                                3                                  19

1997                2                      9                                  4                                  17

1998                2                      8                                  5                                  14

1999                2                      8                                  2                                  9

2000                2                      10                                0                                  9

2001                1                      8                                  2                                  9

2002                2                      10                                1                                  9

2003                2                      14                                3                                  11

2004                1                      8                                  2                                  11

2005                4                      16                                1                                  10

2006                3                      19                                2                                  12

2007                1                      11                                1                                  5

2008                2                      15                                1                                  5

2009                2                      10                                2                                  14

2010                3                      12                                2                                  7

2011                2                      10                                4                                  9

2012                1                      10                                0                                  7

2013                1                      7                                  3                                  12

2014                2                      11                                3                                  9

2015                3                      14                                3                                  10

2016                4                      11                                2                                  9

2017                0                      5                                  2                                  10

2018                1                      12                                2                                  13



1972                Greg Miller, Northern Highlands                               2nd

Tim Conheeney, Paramus Catholic                            4th

George MacKay, Pascack Hills                                  16th

Jim Conner, Dumont                                                  18th

Rich Stukey, Teaneck                                                 19th

1973                PASCACK VALLEY                                              2ND

                        PARK RIDGE                                                          4TH

                        HAWTHORNE                                                         5TH

                        Kevin Walsh, St. Joseph Regional                              6th

                        Ken Marzan, Park Ridge                                            13th

                        Clark Woods, Pascack Valley                                    16th

                        Andy Zucaro, Pascack Valley                                    20th

1974                Kevin Byrne, Bergen Catholic                                   3rd

1975                PARAMUS CATHOLIC                                         4TH

                        MAHWAH                                                                6TH


Roger Jones, Ramsey                                                  4th

Rick Devine, Westwood                                            11th

Paul Marzan, Park Ridge                                            15th

1976                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            5TH

                        TENAFLY                                                                11TH

                        Vin Deuschel, Bergen Catholic                                  12th

                        Hugh Monahan, Paramus Catholic                             13th

                        Frank Stanton, Bergen Catholic                                 14th

                        Mike Salamone, New Milford                                    16th

                        Rick Bolline, Saddle Brook                                        23rd

1977                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            1ST

                        OLD TAPPAN                                                          8TH

                        PAUL VI                                                                    12TH

                        Bill Leonard, Bergen Catholic                                    2nd

                        Scott Sarnoski, Bergen Tech                                       7th

                        Vin Deuschel, Bergen Catholic                                  13th

                        Quentin Franklin, Bergen Catholic                             20th

1978                RAMSEY                                                                  6TH

                        PARAMUS CATHOLIC                                         9TH

                        BOGOTA                                                                  18TH

                        John Eberle, Bergenfield                                            11th

1979                QUEEN OF PEACE                                                10TH

                        LEONIA                                                                    16TH

                        Ian Leavesley, Mahwah                                              3rd

                        Sean Gormley, Bergen Catholic                                 14th

                        Pat Fogarty, Queen of Peace                                      22nd

                        John Nelson, Old Tappan                                           25th

1980                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            4TH

                        Tom Hughes, Ridgewood                                          12th

                        Ernie Lugo, St. Joseph Regional                                 16th

1981                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            5TH

                        PAUL VI                                                                    16TH

                        Rich Byrne, Ridgefield Park                                       3rd

                        Ernie Lugo, St. Joseph Regional                                 7th

                        George Gusciora, Saddle Brook                                 14th

                        Tony Williams, Kennedy                                           16th

1982                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            9TH

                        POPE PIUS                                                               16TH

                        Tony Williams, Kennedy                                           6th

                        Rich Hubbard, Hackensack                                        7th

                        John Gaudio, Bergen Catholic                                    20th

                        Jim Siedliski, Pascack Hills                                        23rd

1983                BERGEN CATHOLIC                                            12TH

                        Caiphus Vilakazi, Pascack Hills                                 3rd

                        Pierre Letennier, Manchester                                      16th

                        Steve Schadler, Bergenfield                                       24th

1984                RIDGEWOOD                                                          5TH

                        OLD TAPPAN                                                          12TH

                        David Greenblatt, Teaneck                                         7th

                        Harry Carle, Bergen Catholic                                     14th

1985                Curtis McNair, Passaic                                               14th

                        Russ Montevechi, Mahwah                                        16th

                        Eric Berntsen, Ridgewood                                         17th

                        Kevin McOwen, Mahwah                                          20th

                        Jason Kaplan, Westwood                                           24th

1986                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4TH

                        RAMSEY                                                                  15TH

                        Eric Berntsen, Ridgewood                                         10th

                        Matt Swanson, Ramsey                                              20th

                        John Lauria, Paramus Catholic                                   21st

                        Kevin McCabe, Ridgewood                                       24th

1987                Kevin McCabe, Ridgewood                                       3rd

                        Rich Wisse, Saddle Brook                                          18th

                        Rich Fitzgibbon, Dumont                                           24th

1988                Ken Flynn, Ramsey                                                    9th

                        Craig Masker, Mahwah                                              15th

                        Sean Henry, Clifton                                                    17th

1989                Ken Flynn, Ramsey                                                    2nd

                        Craig Masker, Mahwah                                              6th

                        Rich Cochrane, Wayne Valley                                   17th

                        Eric Boucher, Ridgewood                                          24th

1990                Rich Cochrane, Wayne Valley                                   10th

1991                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2ND

                        PARAMUS CATHOLIC                                         9TH

                        Rob Reeder, Northern Highlands                               2nd

                        Bob Keino, Ridgewood                                              14th

                        Paul Roer, Hackensack                                               18th

                        Chris Langan, Don Bosco                                           20th

                        Sadek Alsaidi, Ridgewood                                         25th

1992                DON BOSCO PREP                                                1ST

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          2ND

                        DEPAUL                                                                   18TH

                        BOB KEINO, RIDGEWOOD                                   1ST

                        Regan Ladisic, Paramus Catholic                               5th

                        Courtney Davis, Hackensack                                      13th

                        Sean Durkin, Don Bosco                                            22nd

1993                DON BOSCO PREP                                                5TH

                        BOB KEINO, RIDGEWOOD                                   1ST

                        Matt Illian, Pascack Valley                                         7th

                        Geoff Ryan, Pascack Valley                                       12th

                        Marty Hickey, Don Bosco                                          17th

                        Jake Levirne, Don Bosco                                            18th

                        Doug Carter, Wayne Hills                                          20th

1994                Matt Illian, Pascack Valley                                         3rd

1995                RIDGEWOOD                                                          5TH

                        PALISADES PARK                                                 7TH

                        PARAMUS CATHOLIC                                         16TH

                        Andrew Knight, Ramapo                                            10th

1996                PALISADES PARK                                                 10TH

                        DEMAREST                                                             11TH

                        Cary Snyder, Demarest                                               10th

                        Diego Gioffre, Palisades Park                                    20th

                        Dan Contreras, Don Bosco                                         21st

1997                DON BOSCO PREP                                                6TH

                        DEMAREST                                                             9TH

                        WESTWOOD                                                           14TH

                        Cary Snyder, Demarest                                               12th

                        Eamon O’Brien, Paramus                                           16th

                        Dan Contreras, Don Bosco                                         18th

1998                HACKENSACK                                                       5TH

                        PALISADES PARK                                                 18TH

                        Andres Cordero, Passaic Valley                                 6th

                        Danny Chaves, Secaucus                                            16th

1999                RUTHERFORD                                                       10TH

                        PALISADES PARK                                                 15TH

2000                DON BOSCO PREP                                                5TH

                        PALISADES PARK                                                 18TH

2001                DON BOSCO PREP                                                7TH

                        Paul Kornaszewski, Clifton                                        13th

2002                DON BOSCO PREP                                                11TH

                        INDIAN HILLS                                                        15TH

                        MOHAMED KHADRAOUI, KENNEDY                1ST

                        Sean Swift, Don Bosco                                               18th

                        Ari Zamir, Ridgewood                                               20th

                        Paul Kornaszewski, Clifton                                        23rd

2003                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4TH

                        INDIAN HILLS                                                        11TH

                        MOHAMED KHADRAOUI, KENNEDY                1ST

                        Ari Zamir, Ridgewood                                               7th

                        Paul Kornaszewski, Clifton                                        14th

2004                RIDGEWOOD                                                          7TH

                        Chris Guerriero, Saddle Brook                                   11th+

                        James LaGreca, Demarest                                          13th

2005                RIDGEWOOD                                                          5TH

                        DON BOSCO PREP                                                7TH

                        NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   12TH

                        Ryan Van Alstine, Midland Park                                14th

                        Bryan Kretschmer, Ramsey                                        22nd

                        Byron Williams, Ridgewood                                     24th

2006                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2ND

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          7TH

                        KINNELON                                                              19TH

                        Tony Salvatore, Wayne Valley                                   16th

                        Conor Sullivan, Don Bosco                                        18th

                        Nicholas Roman, Passaic Valley                                24th

2007                DON BOSCO PREP                                                1ST

                        Jerome Perkins, Indian Hills                                       7th

                        Robert Molke, Don Bosco                                          8th

                        Anthony Belgiovine, Don Bosco                                13th

                        Jorge Beltre, Kennedy                                                18th

2008                DON BOSCO PREP                                                2ND

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          9TH

                        Leighton Spencer, Don Bosco                                    9th

                        Taro Shigenobu, Ridgewood                                     10th

                        Rafael Vargas, Don Bosco                                         16th

                        Robert Molke, Don Bosco                                          23rd

2009                DON BOSCO PREP                                                1ST

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          9TH

                        Patrick Rono, Lyndhurst                                            9th

                        Rafael Vargas, Don Bosco                                         12th

                        Mike Belgiovine, Don Bosco                                     13th

                        Howie Rosas, Don Bosco                                           21st

2010                RIDGEWOOD                                                          8th

DON BOSCO                                                            9th

RAMSEY                                                                  13th

                        Patrick Rono, Lyndhurst                                            7th

                        Ben Malone, Pascack Valley                                      14th

2011                DON BOSCO                                                            2nd

RIDGEWOOD                                                          7th

                        Ben Malone, Pascack Valley                                      3rd

                        Christian Costello, Don Bosco                                   10th

                        Domenic D’Agostino, Wallington                              16th

                        Kyle Levermore, Don Bosco                                      25th

2012                DON BOSCO                                                            5th

RIDGEWOOD                                                          7th

                        Kyle Levermore, Don Bosco                                      7th

                        Rob Townsend, Don Bosco                                        18th

                        Nick Salamone, Ridgewood                                       24th

2013                DON BOSCO                                                            2nd

Mike Higgins, Don Bosco                                          6th

                        Kyle Levermore, Don Bosco                                      16th

                        Brendan Ungemach, Wayne Hills                              18th

                        Bobby Gonzalez, Don Bosco                                     21st

2014                DON BOSCO                                                            8th

                        INDIAN HILLS                                                        14th

Colin Daly, River Dell                                                15th

Will Daly, River Dell                                                  16th

Zack Weland, Don Bosco                                           19th

David Rosas, Don Bosco                                            25th

2015                DON BOSCO                                                            2ND

                        INDIAN HILLS                                                        6TH

                        RIVER DELL                                                           12th

                        Will Daly, River Dell                                                  7th

                        David Rosas, Don Bosco                                            15th

                        Connor Nicholson, Don Bosco                                   19th

                        Patrick Sullivan, Don Bosco                                       20th

2016                INDIAN HILLS                                                        4TH

                        DON BOSCO                                                            5TH

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          6TH

                        BOGOTA                                                                  16th

                        David Rosas, Don Bosco                                            5th

                        Billy Byrne, Ridgewood                                            7th

                        Justin Touhey, Don Bosco                                          17th

2017                Luis Peralta, Passaic                                                   24th

2018                HASBROUCK HEIGHTS                                       18th

Michael Dua, Don Bosco                                           25th



1974                SADDLE BROOK                                                    3RD

                        Maro Bchakjian, Clifton                                             2nd

                        Theresa Vaccarella, Saddle Brook                             5th

                        Jean Chodnicki, Saddle Brook                                   16th

                        Megan Sexton, Paramus Catholic                               23rd

1977                Michelle Guido, Paramus Catholic                             6th

                        Kelly Neilan, Fort Lee                                                13th

                        Nina Zollo, Wayne Hills                                             15th

1978                Mary Ellen McGowan, Pascack Valley                      14th

                        Violetta Josevska, Garfield                                        19th

1979                OLD TAPPAN                                                          2ND

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          8TH

                        Violetta Josevska, Garfield                                        6th

                        Mary Ellen McGowan, Pascack Valley                      9th

                        Debbie Meberg, Old Tappan                                      11th

                        Carol Dickstein, Ridgewood                                      18th

                        Megan Murtaugh, Old Tappan                                   21st

                        Sue Ellen McSweeney, Old Tappan                           22nd

1980                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2ND

                        Mary Ellen McGowan, Pascack Valley                      6th

                        Mary Ellen Mileski, Ridgewood                                14th

                        Patty Mileski, Ridgewood                                          15th

                        Pattie McCluskey, Dumont                                        21st

1981                PASCACK VALLEY                                              16TH

                        Patti Mileski, Ridgewood                                           18th

                        Mary Ellen Mileski, Ridgewood                                21st

                        Cheryl Wagner, Pascack Valley                                 23rd

1982                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4TH

                        Patti Mileski, Ridgewood                                           3rd

                        Toni Ann Angione, Bergenfield                                 11th

                        Shirley Daniel, Kennedy                                            15th

                        Rene Murphy, DePaul                                                19th

                        Lisa Herman, Wayne Valley                                      23rd

1983                WAYNE VALLEY                                                  3RD

                        KENNEDY                                                               4TH

                        DEPAUL                                                                   24TH

                        SADDLE BROOK                                                    25TH

                        Missy Duchini, Wayne Valley                                    2nd

                        Toni Ann Angione, Bergenfield                                 4th

                        Lisa Herman, Wayne Valley                                      6th

                        Margaret Scutro, Ridgewood                                     15th

                        Jen Van Horn, Wayne Valley                                     19th

                        Shirley Daniel, Kennedy                                            21st

1984                WAYNE VALLEY                                                  5TH

                        DUMONT                                                                  14TH

                        DEPAUL                                                                   17TH

                        TONI ANN ANGIONE, BERGENFIELD                1ST

                        Jen Van Horn, Wayne Valley                                     2nd

                        Margaret Scutro, Ridgewood                                     4th

                        Missy Duchini, Wayne Valley                                    7th

                        Rene Murphy, DePaul                                                9th

                        Cathy Paz, Clifton                                                      14th

                        Jackie Paz, Clifton                                                      25th

1985                CLIFTON                                                                  5TH

                        DEPAUL                                                                   16TH

                        Jen Van Horn, Wayne Valley                                     4th

                        Jackie Paz, Clifton                                                      9th

                        Norine D’Arcy, Ridgewood                                       16th

1986                WAYNE VALLEY                                                  3RD

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          7TH

                        MAHWAH                                                                10TH

                        Cathy Paz, Clifton                                                      5th

                        Jen Mizzone, Wayne Valley                                       6th

                        Amy Kempf, Paramus                                                 7th

                        Catherine Feeney, Wayne Valley                               8th

                        Allyson Perre, Passaic Valley                                     12th

                        Jasmin Jones, Hackensack                                          15th

1987                WAYNE VALLEY                                                  7TH

                        SADDLE BROOK                                                    11TH

                        Laura Drake, Wayne Valley                                       10th

                        Jackie Paz, Clifton                                                      12th

                        Dee Keough, Mahwah                                                14th

                        Catherine Feeney, Wayne Valley                               20th

                        Amy Kempf, Paramus                                                 25th

1988                Catherine Feeney, Wayne Valley                               5th

1989                PALISADES PARK                                                 8TH

                        Liz Figlar, Ridgewood                                               18th

                        Eileen Fitzgerald, Ridgewood                                    21st

1990                Carli Gallo, Mahwah                                                  13th

1991                NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   3RD

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          9TH

                        PALISADES PARK                                                 16TH

                        Vanessa McClure, Kennedy                                       4th

                        Jenna Rogers, Ridgewood                                          7th

                        Caroline Preece, Northern Highlands                         10th

                        Kerry Moore, Midland Park                                       16th

                        Amy Mizzone, Wayne Valley                                                17th

                        Deanna Gastrock, West Milford                                 20th

1992                RIDGEWOOD                                                          1ST

                        IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  5TH

                        Regina Gonzales, Holy Angels                                   3rd

                        Amy Mizzone, Wayne Valley                                                15th

                        Jenna Rogers, Ridgewood                                          16th

                        Martina Brosnahan, IHA                                            21st

                        Amy Smith, Ridgewood                                             25th

1993                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        WAYNE VALLEY                                                  6TH

                        MIDLAND PARK                                                    12TH

            NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   15TH

                        JENNA ROGERS, RIDGEWOOD                           1ST

                        Amy Mizzone, Wayne Valley                                                3rd

                        Kourtney Gallo, IHA                                                  7th

                        Kerry Moore, Midland Park                                       17th

1994                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4TH

                        BOGOTA                                                                  17TH

                        Amy Mizzone, Wayne Valley                                                4th

                        Jackie Martin, Hackensack                                         5th

                        Kourtney Gallo, IHA                                                  17th

                        Beth Crenshaw, Wayne Valley                                   21st

                        Stephanie Doyle, Ridgewood                                     22nd

1995                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  10TH

                        RAMSEY                                                                  11TH

                        Stephanie Doyle, Ridgewood                                     4th

                        Amy Smith, Ridgewood                                             15th

1996                RAMSEY                                                                  5TH

                        RIDGEWOOD                                                          8TH

                        BOGOTA                                                                  18TH

                        DANA SATIR, RAMSEY                                         1ST

                        Celeste Sedo, Ridgewood                                          15th

                        Patty Martin, Hackensack                                           23rd

                        Meghan O’Toole, Garfield                                         25th

1997                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2ND

                        HACKENSACK                                                       3RD

                        RAMSEY                                                                  11TH

                        BOGOTA                                                                  19TH

                        KELLY BEHAN, RIDGEWOOD                             1ST

                        Celeste Sedo, Ridgewood                                          6th

                        Jackie Martin, Hackensack                                         12th

                        Meghan O’Toole, Garfield                                         16th

                        Tracy Kirk, Ramsey                                                    23rd

                        Melissa Conway, Ramsey                                           25th

1998                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        INDIAN HILLS                                                        10TH

                        IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  15TH

                        GLEN ROCK                                                           17TH

                        BOGOTA                                                                  19TH

                        Melissa Conway, Ramsey                                           5th

                        Patty Martin, Hackensack                                           7th

                        Julie Clifford, Holy Angels                                        18th

                        Meg McDermott, Ridgewood                                    24th

1999                RIDGEWOOD                                                          1ST

                        RAMSEY                                                                  9TH

                        Beth Androski, Hackensack                                       3rd

                        Melissa Conway, Ramsey                                           5th

                        Shahnaz Iqbal, Bergenfield                                        10th

                        Clair Nowakowski, Ridgewood                                 18th

                        Jen Myers, Ramapo                                                    23rd

2000                Jesse Mizzone, Passaic Valley                                    2nd

                        Lindsay Van Alstine, Hawthorne Christian                5th

                        Erin Henry, Glen Rock                                               13th

                        Melissa Conway, Ramsey                                           17th

2001                RIDGEWOOD                                                          11TH

                        GLEN ROCK                                                           17TH

                        LINDSAY VAN ALSTINE, HAW. CHRISTIAN    1ST

                        Jesse Mizzone, Passaic Valley                                    2nd

                        Erin Henry, Glen Rock                                               5th

                        Clair Nowakowski, Ridgewood                                 7th

2002                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  12TH

                        Jesse Mizzone, Passaic Valley                                    3rd

                        Lindsay Van Alstine, Hawthorne Christian                14th

                        Justine Lupo, Ridgewood                                           19th

2003                RIDGEWOOD                                                          8TH

                        INDIAN HILLS                                                        15TH

                        GLEN ROCK                                                           20TH

                        Jenna Bauberger, Indian Hills                                     17th

                        Cheyenne Ogletree, Garfield                                      21st

                        Amy Van Alstine, Midland Park                                24th

2004                RIDGEWOOD                                                          5TH

                        PALISADES PARK                                                 21ST

                        Amy Van Alstine, Midland Park                                7th

                        Cheyenne Ogletree, Garfield                                      16th

                        Meredith Jones, Ridgewood                                       24th

2005                PALISADES PARK                                                 20TH

                        Amy Van Alstine, Midland Park                                15th

2006                HOLY ANGELS                                                      11th

                        WALDWICK                                                20th

                        Sarah Pagano, IHA                                                     23rd

2007                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  4TH

                        Sarah Pagano, IHA                                                     7th

2008                IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  5TH

                        Sarah Pagano, IHA                                                     8th

2009                HOLY ANGELS                                                      3RD

                        WESTWOOD                                                           15TH

                        Erin Thompson. IHA                                                  8th

                        Jen Molke, Holy Angels                                             16th

                        Kristen Traub, Eastern Christian                                17th

                        Alyssa LaGuardia, DePaul                                         22nd


2010                HOLY ANGELS                                                      7th

                        EASTERN CHRISTIAN                                         18th

                        Kristen Traub, Eastern Christian                                12th

                        Emily Dunne, Holy Angels                                        15th

Alyssa LaGuardia, DePaul                                         16th

                        Jen Molke, Holy Angels                                             25th


2011                RIDGEWOOD                                                          10th

                        IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  17th

                        EASTERN CHRISTIAN                                         19th

                        KINNELON                                                              20th

                        Kristen Traub, Eastern Christian                                5th

                        Ariana North, Northern Highlands                             8th


2012                Josette Norris, Tenafly                                                10th

                        Catherine Pagano, Ridgewood                                   15th


2013                RIDGEWOOD                                                          6TH

                        IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  11TH

                        HOLY ANGELS                                                      12TH

                        Josette Norris, Tenafly                                                2nd

                        Julia Guerra, Indian Hills                                            9th


2014                RIDGEWOOD                                                          3RD

                        NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   11TH

                        IMMACULATE HEART ACADEMY                  12TH

                        Carleen Jeffers, Ridgewood                                       9th

                        Sam Halvorsen, Ridgewood                                       10th


2015                RIDGEWOOD                                                          4TH

                        WAYNE HILLS                                                       10TH

                        KINNELON                                                              15TH

                        Olympia Martin, Ridgewood                                     2nd

                        Julia Guerra, Indian Hills                                            4th

                        Shannon Goria, River Dell                                         9th

                        Sam Halvorsen, Ridgewood                                       16th

                        Katerina Zachmann, Wayne Hills                               24th


2016                NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   5TH

                        KINNELON                                                              17TH

                        Ashley Evans, Pascack Valley                                    23rd

2017                INDIAN HILLS                                                        8TH

                        NORTHERN HIGHLANDS                                   9TH

                        KINNELON                                                              21ST

                        MONICA HEBNER, NO. HIGHLANDS                 1ST

                        Isabel Hebner, No. Highlands                                    4TH

                        Corinne Barney, Indian Hills                                      12TH

                        Samantha Green, Park Ridge/Emerson                      17TH

                        Madeline Barney, Indian Hills                                    23RD

2018                RIDGEWOOD                                                          2nd

                        INDIAN HILLS                                                        4th

                        Daisy Liljegren, No. Highlands                                  4th

                        Corinne Barney, Indian Hills                                      10th

                        Allison Lounsbury, Indian Hills                                 21st

                        Sarah Policano, Ridgewood                                       23rd