Please check this page for updated meet information. Schedule changes, weather related changes, time schedule changes, will always be posted on this page. We will not call coaches about changes but will expect you to check this page on your own. The posted High School events are for Federation member schools only. Please do not enter if your school does not belong to your state high school athletic federation. Thank you.
Fall Cross Country 2022: Glen Rock Arboretum Run Monday Labor Day ** See Race Faster Web site MOC Frosh Champs Saturday Oct 22 ** Entry Information * Fill In Entry Form Ridgewood High School 2022 Season Information!
Indoor Track & Field 2023: NY Armory:BUS PARKING & PICKUP POLICY Ridgewood Winter Games at RCC ** Thank You! * * Track Map of RCC Frosh/Novice Champs:The Armory ** Thank You! * Varsity Classic ** Thank You! Eastern States Championship ** Meet Information & Entry Forms - February 28
Spring Track and Field 2023: Pawlowski Relays at Ridgewood ** Meet Information * Entry Form Comet Relays at Hackensack HS ** Meet Information * Entry Form * Saturday April 15th Bergen Girls Frosh Champs ** Meet Information * Entry Form * Thursday May 25th David Marsh Mid.School Champs ** Meet Has Been Casnceled * No Marsh Middle School meet this year! Ridgewood High School 2023 Track & Field Information! Link to Results: RESULTS EASTERNS INFORMATION & HISTORY Entry Blanks for meets hosted by the Bergen Track Association: BERGEN TRACK ENTRIES Questions?? E-Mail to: jacob@jacobbrown.com