Bergen County Relays


Friday at Demarest High School

4X1600:           1-Harms-5:43.0, Mangam-5:40.0, Wells-5:32.2, Jones-5:26.7 = 22:31.9


4X200: 2-Que, Wisener, Whitaker, Cigolini = 1:48.5

                           4th on the all time list!

3X400H:          1-Law-67.5, Wisener-68.0, Westerman-72.7 = 3:28.2

                           6th on the all time list!

3XHJ:              Law-4-10, Westerman-4-6, Cigolini-4-0. = 13-4.


3XPV:              1-Wong-10-6, Llerandi-7-6, Polcari, 7-6. = 25-6.

                           New School Record!  Cassie's 10'6" wins the Dick Hitt Award!

3XTJ:               2-Law-32-2,  Bogart-31-2, Honan-29-9.75. = 93-2.5.


3XDiscus:         Nelsen-80-9, Wypler-64-10, Sorbo-54-8. =  200-3.


We had a good Friday with Law's high jump in the cold and dark an example of our toughness and Cassie's county leading 10ft 6 inch vault an example of our excellence!

This enabled us to take a lead into Saturday Morning.


Saturday at Tenafly High School

4X100H           1-Wong-16.3, Wisener-17.7, Bogart-17.7, Que-15.2 = 66.8

                           New School Record!

4X100: 1-Que, Wisener, N.Whitaker, Cigolini = 51.0(t), 51.8(f)


Distance Med:  4-Westerman-3:59.2, Wells-63.4, Mangam-2:32.4, Jones-5:31.9.= 13:06.7


Sprint Med:      1- N.Whitaker-27.6, Cigolini-26.3, Llerandi-62.2, Law-2:21.7. = 4:18.0


4X800:             1- Westerman-2:25.6, Harms-2:30.2,Mangam-2:36.0,Wells-2:24.7.=9:56.3


4X400(Frosh)  2-Moderow-71.6, D.Whitaker-72.8, Middleton69.8, Barr-63.7. = 4:37.7


3XLJ:               5- Bogart-15-8,  Honan-13-1.75,  Polcari-12-11.75.   =  41-9.5


3XJav:              3- Nelsen-101-5, Mangam-89-5,  Wypler-89-1.  =   279-11

                           2nd on the all time list!

3XShot:            Que-26-0.5,    Nelsen-25-2,   Wypler-25-2.25.  = 76-4.75


4X400: Llerandi-63.7, Tiernan-67.3, Wong-67.5, N.Whitaker-68.2. = 4:27.5


Bergen Relays Champions!  After 15 hours together (when you factor in the bus rides!) our 23 athletes won one of the more difficult meets on our schedule.  It takes hard work and mental focus over two days to win this meet and with basically a mistake free meet we dominated!  Diana Mangam won 4 medals and Lara-Jane Que lead the hurdle team to a new school record.