Bergen County Group A Championship


Wednesday at Ramsey:


Long Jump:       3-Brooke Bogart, 16-8.  -Annie Polcarri,15-0.  -Michelle Honan, 13-11.5.


Discus:             7-Berit Nelsen, 93-9.  -Jacqulin Wypler, 83-0.


Javelin:             5-Wypler, 93-11.  6-Berit Nelsen, 88-7.  7-Diana Mangam, 87-11.


High Jump:       7-Christina Law, 4-10.  -Steph Westerman, 4-8.  -Erica Cigolini, NH


Shot:                -Jacqulin Wypler, 29-4.    -Berit Nelsen, 26-9.


Pole Vault:        1-Cassie Wong, 10-6.  5-Ashlyn Llerandi, 9-0.  -Annie Polcarri, 8-6.


Friday at Old Tappan:


3200m:           6-Diana Mangam,11:45.8. 7-Becca Wells,11:46.0. -Maggie Harms,12:56.2


200m:               5-Lara-Jane Que, 26.1(t),27.0(f).  7-Erica Cigolini, 26.8(t),27.1(f).  -Brooke Bogart, 28.2.


400H:               3-Cristina Law,65.6.  4-Alice Wisener,66.1.  5.Ashlyn Llerandi,68.4.


Saturday at Old Tappan:


800:                 1-Cristina Law, 2:18.3.  5-Stephanie Westerman, 2:22.6.  -Becca Wells, 2:28.0.


400:                 1-Alice Wisener,59.3.  4-Ashlyn Llerandi, 61.1.  -Emily Barr, 63.5.


100H:               3-Lara-Jane Que, 15.0(t),14.6(f). 8-Cassie Wong,16.1(t),16.1(f).  -Brooke Bogart,18.3.

                                    14.6 is a New School Record for Lara-Jane!

100m:               6-Erica Cigolini, 13.2(t),12.6(f). -Niki Whitaker, 13.3.  -Jess Krejsa, 14.6.


1600:               4-Diana Mangam,5:28.3. 5-Becca Wells,5:31.2. 6-Steph Westerman, 5:31.6


Triple Jump:      3-Cristina Law, 34-1.25.  -Michelle Honan, 31-8.5.  -Brooke Bogart, 31-2.


4X400r:           2-4:09.0, (Llerandi-61.2, Barr-63.2, Westerman-63.8, Wisener-59.8)


Teaneck won by 4.5 points.  They had a perfect meet  and my hat is off to them.  We on the other hand didn't  get enough of those "hungry points" that coach DJ Nimphius of Riverdale (formerly of Glen Rock) talks about.  Good Things:  Brooke's long jump, best 400H add up time in RHS history,  Alice's break thru win in the 400, and Erica's 100m PR.