Bergen Frosh Championships at Ridgewood Track   May 26, 2005


100m:               -D.Whitaker, 14.5(t),14.7(s).  -Harris,14.7.  -Felsenstein,16.0.  -Kurshan,16.2.  -Laqui,16.4.  -Negrin,16.4.


100H:               -Moderow,19.1.  -McClair,21.9.


1600m:             3-Middleton, 5:42.9.  -vincci,6:30.8.


400m:               2-Barr, 62.8.


200m:               -D.Whitaker, 30.8.  -Felsenstein,33.6.  -Kurshan, 33.7.  -McClair,34.4.


Shot:                -Schneider,22-2.  -Santos, 19-7.5.  -Kaharbedia,18-11.5.  -Herzog, 16-3.


Discus:             -Schnieder,66-10.  -Herzog, 59-5.  -Kaharbedia,59-1.  -Santos,58-9.  -Polcari,43-9.


Javelin:             -Schnieder, 73-3.   -Vincci, 65-4.


Long Jump:       5-Polcari,14-2. 


Triple Jump:      2-Polcari, 30-8.25.


Pole Vault:        1-Polcari, 8-0.


4X400r:           -RHS 4:39.1(D.Whitaker-74.8, Moderow-73.4, Middletown-68.6, Barr-62.3)



PRs from Emily and Alex and Ann's scoring in 3 events enabled the Frosh to score 5th in the County.