We Built A House In Vermont With No Furnace!

In 13 months We went from This to This


We call the place SouthWoods. It is in the woods just South of Mount Snow! It is a High Efficiency, Passive Design Inspired, Net Zero House. It is Quiet, Clean, and Comfortable. In Short it is Amazing! Various Photos of progress: Clearing the Land - Coop's Crew cut trees and moved dirt & stone! Thank you to our various Contractors UnderGround! - Cable and Pipe Out of sight. Wright Builders The Foundation - No Moisture in this Basement! Frost Wells & Pumps The Framing - Double walls for extra insulation and Quiet "Coop" Bills Excavating Landscaping - Make sure the water runs downhill! Lane Plumbing The Inside - Framing to Sheetrock. Swan Electric The Finish - A Pine Pannel Paradise! Tom Mattarocci The Mechanicals - The equipment that makes Net Zero a reality. Solar Electric Systems A House in the Woods - A beautiful spot in the Green Mountains. Inside SouthWoods - Woodwork by Tom Mattaroccci & Decorations by Liz O'Brien.